Where to buy designer engagement ring in New York City

Where to buy designer engagement ring in New York City

If you wonder where to buy a designer engagement ring in New York City, visit Mateo Harris’ Jewelry Store in SoHo, New York City, to find exquisite designer engagement rings, made with 14kt gold, diamonds, and pearls at affordable luxury prices.

If you are considering proposing to your partner, it is a huge decision that you shouldn’t make lightly. Finding the perfect engagement ring can also be a tricky business when you don’t know where to look. Stop by Mateo jewelry store in SoHo, where you will find a beautiful and elegant selection of designer engagement rings! Mateo Harris’ obsession with rings was the inception of this outstanding engagement ring line for women, inspired by Modern Art movement, with simplicity and minimalism in mind. All our engagement rings are made locally in our New York City workshops, by a small team of skilled craftsmen, with 14kt and dazzling diamonds.

You have the chance to enjoy a calming yet refined atmosphere in Mateo store on Elizabeth Street, where you can sit down with one of our specialists who will take the time to learn about your loved one, so that they can help you pick the most personal engagement ring. One of our team’s main objectives is to be there for our customers (local or from abroad), so that we can learn about their tastes and styles to provide them with a better service, and even give us ideas for new jewelry lines. We want to make this moment personal and intimate so that your proposal goes exactly the way you want it.

Any questions?

We invite you to visit us on Elizabeth Street, in SoHo, New York City to buy brand-new designer engagement ring. If you want to learn more about our creation process, our prices, or products, you can also contact us by email or phone, and our team will be pleased to provide you with all the information you need.